Thursday, 26 March 2015

Blob's Adventure is coming soon - but who is Blob?

Who IS he?
Blobuloids have been hanging out at RobotJAM's house forever. Rolling around, picking up dust, making the occasional sarcastic comment. They've even found their way into some of the games:

Water Werks, a Flash game from many years ago :)
So maybe Blob is a Blobuloid who's gone off alone and got himself into space travel - but his rocket ship keeps breaking down on alien planets. It could be that Blob has to keep looking for a new ship to borrow while lots of weird and dangerous things are happening.

Oh no! The rocket ship is broken!
I interviewed LongAnimal Julian about the characters in the game and all he would tell me about Blob was:

"Blob is... a blob."

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  1. Damn, nice post, how did I read it just now :) ?