Monday, 11 June 2012

Road Editing in DriftRunners 3D

Some images from editing the road layout in the Snake Engine.

1: Editing a billboard block:
Each block represents a stretch of road, and describes different aspects of the layout. Billboard blocks define the non-interactive scenery at the side of the (or indeed in the) road.
Lots of randomness is involved here, which makes our lives easier.

2: Placing down coins along the road:
Some columns, instead of being data blocks, can contain individually placed items. Here we are laying out coins to pick up. These are dragged around and placed in the 2d editor for ease of use, but are updated real time in the 3d view.

3: Selecting a set of billboards to use for a block:
We pre-define objects which can be used in the levels. With billboard blocks we can select individual items, or groups of related items. (eg. Group_rock_walls).
The billboard block can then specify whether these are randomly selected, sequentially, or anything else we can think of.


  1. It is very funny, because 3 days ago I started thinking that I want to make pseudo 3D racing game and I wondered how to solve building tracks in comfortable way and see here some inspirations. I understand that the engine is just for internal use and it is not available but maybe there are some videos showing Snake Engine in action:)? I would be glad to see it to steal some ideas;)

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