Thursday, 17 May 2012

TurboNuke Golf - Whoops

Well we were going along nicely, got most of the UI implemented, club selection all sorted, shot lengths were correct, spin working, everything hunky dory.

So I decided to get an AI player in there. Cool, that didn't take long, although he's not all that accurate with his shots.
But I thought - what would it be like with multiple AI players all playing at once, so I added that as well, just for fun.

Suddenly this was a different game; it's great seeing the other guys taking their shots. And everyone doing it at the same time turns the game in to a race to get the ball in to the hole, rather than a sedate turn based game.

It turns out that it seems a lot more fun if you don't get to use the woods or long irons - you get more shots on each hole, also the camera doesn't have to zoom out so far.

And now with the manic pace of the game, all the 'real' golf game UI is just too complicated - so we pared it down to simple launcher-game type mechanics, but keeping the skill element of the shot meter.

I added some pickups and some crates to the course, and it's fun going for those as secondary objectives - the AI players can knock over the crates as well, and collect the pickups, making for a very dynamic golf course.

So - a bit of a U-turn on this game, and we're very happy with the results so far.

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