Sunday, 13 May 2012

Tokyo Guinea Pop

This one is by LongAnimals and Jimp, a sequel to Bubble Guinea Pop (from waaaay back)

Here's a screenshot from Jimp's incredible opening movie:

It's a physics puzzle game, in which you have to simply click switches at the right time to launch the Guinea Pigs from the snake's mouths, which then land, blow bubbles, and cover the other animals in bubble gum. This gum protects the animals from the evil zoo wrangler.
Got it?

Anyway we don't really know how well the original game performed, as we weren't allowed to put in any play tracking, so we're taking a bit of a risk producing a sequel. However it's REALLY nice, and just loads of fun to make.

It was also an opportunity to transfer over to using deltaluca's brilliant Nape physics engine. I've been using Box2D for years and thought it was time to try something faster and better.

This should be finished in a  couple of weeks, I think.


  1. I don't understand a word you're saying, but those guinea pigs are really cute.